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Improve your health and safety with a well swept floor courtesy of Evolve Cleaning’s specialist team of operators who provide a complete sweeping service

Whether you are looking for a one-off service or a regular programme of sweeping, Evolve Cleaning has an extensive fleet of new ride-on and walk-behind sweepers and trained personnel who specialise in high standard sweeping.

What work we do

With one of the largest range of sweepers in New Zealand, we have the ability to work inside and outside warehouses, car parks, industrial sites, construction areas, car yards, shopping centres, footpaths, factories, or anywhere else that needs professional dust-free sweeping.

Benefits of our sweeping services

As well as matching the machine to the job, inside or outside, rain or shine, we provide:

  • Dust control: machines fitted with special dust filters to capture silica and dust
  • Machine dry sweeping for both indoor and outdoor sites
  • Rubbish collection: from hard to reach places (fence lines, building edges)
  • A full range of ride-one and walk-behind machines suitable for large or small spaces
  • Minimal disruption to the workplace and an improvement to H&S standards

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