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Providing a professional and efficient floor scrubbing service - and at a competitive price - ensures your floors are safe and well maintained

Our floor scrubbing service centres on: cleaning and preparing new surfaces, acid etching, spillage clean-up, and flood recovery across a variety of surfaces and locations. Our extensive range of top quality machinery provides indoor and outdoor capability in all kinds of environments.

What work we do

Our scrubbing service is suitable for all industrial and commercial sites including warehouses, car parks, factories, construction sites, cool stores, packing sheds and freight depots. We work on a wide variety of surfaces, including: paving stones, tiles, wood, linoleum and concrete.

Benefits of our scrubbing services

As well as having one of the largest selections of scrubbing equipment in New Zealand we:

  • Match the machine to the job
  • Work in difficult areas and tight spaces
  • Use fast drying, industry standard detergents
  • Provide experienced operators
  • Maintain floors and increase their lifespan
  • Ensure minimal disruption to the workplace

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