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In-house line marking and stencilling operators for the best results and service. Designate areas for greater safety and enhanced customer service

From car parks to shopping malls, factory and warehouse floors, and everything in between, we offer our customers across the South Island smooth lines and a smooth process with our line marking and stencilling service.

What work we do

Having clearly defined areas and signage has proven positive health and safety outcomes. We work with you to provide a customised solution to keep both staff and customers safe including: car park line marking, transport pathways and walkways, plus parking stencils, speed limit signage etc. 

Benefits of our line marking services

  • Highly experienced in-house line marking operators
  • Modern machine with high end technology – laser accuracy
  • Standard range of stencils plus customised stencilling
  • High quality paint – leading industry provider
  • Fast, efficient service and safety first approach
  • Accurate, durable, across a range of surfaces

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