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Evolve Cleaning’s range of water blasting equipment, and knowledgeable team, can return surfaces back to their original condition

If it’s on a floor (or wall) and needs to be removed, or just cleaned, our water blasting equipment has pressure and temperature adjustments to suit any surface, indoor or out – and with a wall reach of 21 metres – at height.

What work we do

Our water blasting equipment can sanitise an area, and is great for asphalt and concrete cleaning and tilt slab de-waxing. Plus we have removed everything(!) including: efflorescence, concrete slurry, concrete spills and splatter, oil, glue, fat, moss, mildew and lichen, paint and graffiti.

Benefits of our water blasting services

There’s not much we can’t clean or remove with our water blasting.

  • Wide range of water pressure equipment (up to 4000 PSI)
  • Hot water blast up to 100 Celsius (and cold water blast)
  • Low pressure and high pressure to suit the floor
  • Experienced, trained water blasting team
  • Advice on what is really not going to come out!
  • Providing a cleaner, better looking site

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